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18F uses a customized version of Feather Icons for its iconography. Feather Icons is licensed under an MIT License, with copyright belonging to Cole Bemis.

Design Specs

Most of the icons retain the base styling of Feather icons. The 18F version includes a few adjustments.

  • Icons are drawn on a 48x48 grid, with some custom detailed icons drawn on a 64x64 grid.
  • Strokes of 2px, centered, with capped ends.
  • For square icons, a min width or height of 28px.
  • For circular icons, a min width or height of 34px.
  • Minimum of 2px between elements.

Get the icons

You can access a set of common icons in the 18F Google Slides template (only available to GSA staff), or download the full set.

The download includes:

  • Searchable PDF sticker sheets of all 300+ icons and top requested icons. Icons with a “–c” name are customized.
  • SVG and PNG exports of all icons, by color.
  • A sketch file of all icons for designers.

Representing humans

In order to offer more diverse and expressive ways to represent humans, we created a custom set of 18F Avataaars based on the work of Pablo Stanley. These are great stand-ins for showing emotion and to represent anonymous user groups.

These are available to GSA staff in two formats: